Strengthening Children's Lives Through Science and Community Engagement

Over 50 Years of Impact

The work at Juniper Gardens Children’s Project has impacted children, parents, teachers throughout the world in the areas of behavior analysis, special education, early childhood special education, education, and psychology, in personnel preparation, and in the practices and policies of special education. Some of our recent accomplishments include:

Recent Accomplishments

Individual Growth and Development Indicators (IGDIs)
Measures of Infants and Toddlers to Detect Early Signs of Developmental Delays and Support Intervention Decision Making

  • Over 65,000 assessments conducted with 21,000 infants and toddlers
  • 2,200 registered service providers in 28 states trained on the web-based support system

Class-Wide Function-Related Intervention Teams (CW-FIT)
Strategies that Help Teachers Manage Students’ Classroom Behavior

  • 4,000 students in 7 states have benefited

Autism Peer Networks (APN)
Social-Communication and Literacy Training for Young Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

  • 400 children with ASD have been served
  • 600 people in KS have been trained to use

Online and Applied System for Intervention Services (OASIS)
Tele-Coaching to Help Families of Children with ASD Improve Socially Appropriate Behaviors

  • 82 families have received tele-coaching training
  • 685 service providers across rural KS have been trained

Model Demonstration Center for Promoting Language and Readiness
Intervention Strategies and Tools that Build the Capacity of Adults to Support Children’s Language Development

  • 600 infants and toddlers at-risk and with developmental disabilities have benefited
  • 250 early childhood teachers and home visitors have been trained

Project Engage
Program Using Text Messaging to Enhance Parent Use of Child Language Promoting Strategies

  • 11,731 supportive and instructive coaching text messages sent by
  • 67 home visitors to 148 families

Center for Response to Intervention in Early Childhood
With an Aim to Test and Validate Language and Literacy Interventions for Preschoolers not Making Progress

  • 20 studies in 4 states in 5 years
  • 4,000 preschoolers in 4 states screened & provided with early literacy & language instruction

A Web-Based Remote Coaching System that Promotes the Social-Emotional Health of Infants

  • 2,400 remote video-based coaching sessions completed by
  • 200 mothers and 50 home visitors in 3 states

Joint Attention Mediated Learning (JAML)
A Parent Mediated strategy to improve social communication for toddlers with ASD

  • 175 toddlers and their parents in KS, MO, NC, and IN have benefited

A Self-Monitoring and Mentoring System for At-Risk High School Students

  • 1,500 students supported

Research Leadership Training Program
A Research to Practice Training Program in an Urban Community

  • 71 postdoctoral fellows trained
  • 200 graduate research assistants trained
This represents only a small portion of the work at JGCP.  Please contact us to discuss specific projects or for general information.

What's New
Job Opportunities
  • Research Engineer (App Developer): We are seeking a full-time Research Engineer to design, implement, and maintain web and mobile applications. Existing applications at JGCP include learning management systems, web apps that support management of child assessment data, graphing, reporting, and data-driven decision making, and mobile apps to support parent-teacher communication and student self-management. As a member of JGCP’s Technology Innovation, Development & Research (TIDR) lab, the programmer will work with multiple internal research teams to develop new applications and maintain existing applications. View the full posting and apply here
  • Student Hourly Positions We are seeking to fill student hourly positions. These students will be responsible for data collection activities with preschool students and teachers, including administering literacy assessments to children, observing classroom instruction and interactions, and assisting in the preparation and delivery of data reports in the Kansas City Metro area, as well as data management and entry at our offices in downtown Kansas City, Kansas. View the full job posting and apply here.  
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