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Phase 2: Effectiveness of Mobile EBASS-Classroom CIRCLE

Atwater, J.


USDE - Office of Special Education Programs


Purpose: This project will conduct a test of the effectiveness of the "Ecobehavioral Observational Assessment" (EBA) tool using the "Classroom Code for Interactive Recording of Children's Learning Environments" (Classroom CIRCLE) instrument. Specifically, the test will review the effectiveness of three EBA instruments combined in one software suite called "Mobile Ecobehavioral Assessment System Software" (Mobile EBASS) for use by school psychologists, childhood teacher coaches, general special educators, and researchers in their child assessments. 

Method Activities: of this project include: (a) designing and implementing a causal study of the effects of using EBASS-CIRCLE information for Response to Intervention decision making and classroom/program improvement; (b) recruiting and training school participants; (c) collecting measures; (d) implementing the classroom CIRCLE interventions; (e) implementing data management and statistical analyses that address the research questions; and (f) disseminating results.



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