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Juniper Gardens Children's Project (JGCP) began in the mid-1960s when residents of Northeast Kansas City, Kansas, joined with KU faculty to address concerns about child development in a low-income community.
Their goal, and the mission of the JGCP, is to improve area children's developmental and educational experiences and thus, their academic and social achievements.
Since its inception, the project has sought to develop meaningful solutions to what local citizens view as major problems. JGCP also provides a place for KU faculty and students to learn from the wisdom and experiences of the urban community.
Together, the community and the university have designed programs to intervene in and improve the parenting, care, and instruction received by children in the Greater Kansas City area and the United States. 

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Talk Around Town is the first location-based app to bridge the word gap. It turns parent and child outings into fun language learning field trips! Learn more about this HRSA-funded Juniper Gardens project here, and visit its facebook page here.


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We posted a photoset from the retirement party for Dr. Debra Kamps, associate director & JGCP scientist of 36 years.